2016 Event Testimonials

2016 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Testimonials and Reviews

Annual Feedback Statistics – 2016 YellowTelescope Training Seminar:

  • Overall Experience – 9.51 out of 10
  • Speaker Quality – 9.63 out of 10
  • Hotel and Meals – 9.38 out of 10

Watch testimonial videos from 2016 attendees and keep scrolling to see more written testimonials below:

Thought provoking, challenging, concisely presented.  Physicians should attend so they can understand the YT concepts and their implementations.

Dr. Thomas Kaniff

Great opportunity to learn more effective business opportunities.  Listen to the YT sales podcast – if it makes sense to you, go to the meeting.

Dr. Nick Slenkovich
Plastic Surgeon – Denver, CO

We were excited all year for the seminar and we were not disappointed. All stuff fantastic, made everyone feel comfortable and open to learning. Definitely worth the trip.

Dr. Dina
Plastic Surgeon, Massachusetts

“What would you tell future attendee about this event who are unsure if they should attend?”: To review how and where you invest your time in bettering your practice and your revenue – if you could combine management, marketing, lead generation and how to convert those leads better than 99% of your competition with a higher average ticket into one stimulating experience – why would you invest your time? Are you satisfied with good or do you want to be great?

Christina Alves
Practice Administrator – Dr. Hilton Becker – Boca Raton, FL

Great experience! Learned lots of tools to help take my practice to the next level.  Expensive, but worth it, should pay for itself.

Dr. Rebecca Weiss
Paradise Med Spa – Phoenix, AZ
  1. “Would you recommend this seminar to others?”: Emphatically.
Kathy Benvenuti
Practice Administrator – Dr. Kaniff – Sacramento CA

This is my 2nd year. It was good to refresh my memory on some of the psychological principles of sales. I also learned some advanced techniques that I think in and of themselves will more than pay for the cost of the meeting.

Dr. Victor Ferrari
Plastic Surgeon – Matthews, NC

Great educational experience. Great networking opportunity. Well executed.  They’ll pick up useful information they are unlikely to find in one place anywhere else.

Dr. Jeffrey Segal
Founder, Medical Justice & eMerit

I am so happy I made the commitment to be here. A very positive experience and even felt like a little get away! ?  It’s the best thing you could do for your practice! You get so many fresh, new ideas!

Fran Scira
Ophthalmology Patient Administrator – Flaum Eye Institute – Rochester, NY

“What would you tell future attendees who are unsure about attending?”: Since we began the YT phone call it has made substantial changes in our practice. We aren’t losing time that we used to with unqualified patients walking in our practice. We are now able to politely weed qualified/ready patient into our practice at the right time. We are able to run a more efficient schedule which keeps us, the PCCs happy, but more importantly our doctor and keeps our practice consistently growing. This allows each of us PCCs growing as well. Thank you YT team!

Jessica Stavena
Patient Care Coordinator – Dr. Sam Sukkar – Clear Lake, TX

As a “Senior” plastic surgeon I have now a better appreciation for marketing, patient experience, internet and “relational” practice building. All [topics] were excellent – “Impactful” will be demonstrated by practice result in the future. Everyone would find it helpful especially older or new practices.

Dr. Richard
Orlando, FL

Very positive experience. Being in The Advanced Course helps me understand the way and why my physician thinks and does what he does. If you have not attended, it’s a must. You will absolutely take something back to implement into your practice that will result in growth.

Jodi Brown
Practice Manager – Dr. Adam Hamawy – Princeton, NJ

Thought provoking; revamps many prior assumptions about best practices.  Most impactful: Annual Planning, Objection Management, Consultation Management/Follow-up, Manage/Set expectations in all aspects (consults, management, hiring). We do this with our patients in discussing procedures but may not carry this over to all interactions. Worth coming if you are willing to be open minded about how to manage consultations, patient flow, management style.

Dr. Roxanne Sylora
Orlando, FL

I thought it was great! It was a necessary review of everything I learned plus meaningful new information on marketing.  It’s a must. It’s great continuing education experience and it makes sense to use the method taught in the seminar

Judith Mendez
Practice Administrator – Dr. Basu – Houston, TX

Loved it. Left me very motivated and excited to begin using everything that I learned…Do it! It’s a must!”

Rebecca Sehgal
Patient Administrator – Dr. Adam Hamawy – Princeton, New Jersey

This is my 2nd year at the YT Seminar. Although I am familiar with most of the information discussed, this is the perfect time to review the processes and sharpen my skills. I 100% believe in the YT techniques – numbers don’t lie!!! Motivational event! You meet other PCCS and can discuss situations with them – phone calls – day to day processes. AND brush up on skills.  Thank you for a great 2 days! Can’t wait until next year!!

Mary Hill
Patient Coordinator — Dr. Sukkar – Clearlake, TX

Hi Jon,

I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and time spent.  I met some great people and a few of us girls exchanged phone numbers and plan to stay in touch.  The training is top-notch and I was able to not only take in but also bring back and begin to use what I learned.  I am thankful that Dr.B sent me!  I most certainly can see the 3 date results working.  Since we began our consults yesterday in the afternoon….I was able to close 3 out of the 4 candidates in office (almost had that last one but they called me today and are now scheduled).  I also had 2 out of the 3 pay in full as well! I just want to thank you and the team.  Keep up the great work!


Hi team YT! – We just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the seminar and we are so excited to implement everything we learned! We are all rocking our GGG t-shirts today and expect to win the contest!!! – Thanks! – Patient Coordinator


_____ and I were extremely appreciative of the time and effort everyone put into the training seminar and the information/topics covered.  I worked as a trainer and was in charge of the Clinical Applications Training Department at _______…3 countries for 12 years prior to becoming the Practice Administrator here, and had a large training team where we put on educational seminars, supported conventions, conducted individual training and needs analysis, trained sales managers, as well as trained & certified doctors/technicians on  the medical devices we rolled out…So believe me when I tell you, I know how much work goes into these events and how crucial it is to have experts and professionals, whom can also be authentic and walk along-side medical staff/customers.  Instructional Design & training is my passion, so kudos to all of you for a job well done!


Although I have been listening to your podcasts [download in the iTunes or Play store by searching YellowTelescope], this seminar has taught me so much! I am very excited to go back and implement everything I have learned. I have been in medicine and sales for 20 years and I must say that this was PRICELESS and will help myself and the overall business…must attend.

Mariam Monroe
Patient Care Coordinator – Detroit, MI

Come. Worth it if you just book 1 more surgery…helps physicians understand process.

Refreshing, invigorating — a great way to sharpen skills and further develop education.  Yellow T staff will always bring fresh ideas forward while still maintaining core message. Go! It’s worth it!
Katrina Schmidt
Patient Coordinater – Dr. Joshua Korman – Mountain View, CA

Everything was great! This is my favorite event to attend because the content is great and the speakers hold your interest.  This event will 100% improve your closing rates and quality of consults you are seeing.

Practice Administrator – Houston, TX

Well presented and planned…section on answering calls was excellent. Very worthwhile.


I enthusiastically support this training and it surpassed all expectations. I hope to be invited again…This time and financial investment will – without doubt – make your practice money. Get off the fence.

Jonathan Bryant
COO – National Director – SiteStaff

LOVED it! Very excited to get back to the office and start implementing these strategies into the practice…


It’s the most useful seminar I have ever been to and they have nothing to lose because it’s fully refundable if they don’t love the event!


Our first visit to YellowTelescope – great experience. Learned a lot.  It’s worth it.


Very, very good… –

Outstanding – Great introduction into the P.C. role. Great information for the entire staff, especially new and established patient coordinators. Lots of one on one and Q and A time!
Krystal Bates
Dr. Ronan Blackhawk Plastic Surgery – Danville, CA

Ed and Jon are outstanding speakers. Food was delicious, particularly given the quantity service. Probably best I’ve ever had, even compared to the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton. They did a great job of making this a 1st class event. I think there is a lot of actionable info that’s been passed on.


It’s a wonderful experience. Lots of great pearls to take back.


Very well put together/planned. I took away a few gems…much of the content was common sense or available on your podcasts (which I love!). I really feel as though my sales will increase. I wish my practice would hire you, maybe once we grow…still a baby practice.  It is worth the cost and will definitely increase your closure ratios.


The experience was overwhelmingly great.  The best section was “Avoiding the Misdemeanors of Management.”


It is expensive, however it is worth every penny. Great ideas.


Overall great experience…advanced closing…definitely worth it.


Good time – food, knowledge, pearls, great staff! Great investment – bring key team members.

Practice Administrator – Melbourn, FL

Hi Jon and Ed…I want to thank you for a fabulous weekend.  The event was amazingly well planned and executed, the staff very friendly and accommodated & the two of you were not so bad either!  LOL.  Thank you for your energy and knowledge.  We definitely got a ton out of this meeting.


Hi Jon, Great conference, thanks for everything. I/We converted 4 consults this am! Woo hoo.


Hi Jon, I wanted to give you my impressions of your seminar while they’re still fresh in my mind. You did a truly outstanding job of planning, execution and acting as a host.
Your material was well presented, and you and your staff were extremely professional. From that I would assume that the same quality of carefully crafted work would be created for our physicians.


Thanks for reaching out to us and showing us a great time over the weekend. I am definitely looking forward to our phone call, we will have lots of feedback by then. I went four for four today! Signed everyone up and collected deposits, so I must have taken something away from the seminar.  Talk to you soon.


I thought the entire seminar was very well planned. “What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?”: They 100% should attend!


I thought the seminar was good. I liked there were options on day 2 breakout sessions.


I think it is very valuable, especially for first year members.  We use the 3 Gs in our office and it is very helpful.


I think the seminar is extremely valuable for repeat attendees.


“What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?”:  Yes! I have already.


What I expected was aggressive, pushy, tacky, sales pitching. What I experienced was motivating, inspiring and classy.

Esthetician and Scrub Nurse – New York City

Awesome training – Jon was very engaging and Ed rocks as well – Great info. Can’t wait to get back to the office and implement. Everything was great. I think the amount of breaks and food was right on time.

Patient Care Coordinator

“What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?”: Great sales advice, consider bringing office staff.


I love attending the YT Seminar not only to sharpen my saw, but to help me grow to reach my capacity. Ed and Jon are just extremely motivating.   Come – if you want to take your practice to the next level, take patient satisfaction to the next level and have a more efficient flow, COME!

Jessica Stavena
Sr. Patient Coordinator – Dr. Sukkar – Houston, TX

Excellent for pccs and practice admins.


Great experience. Very informative. Definitely worth it.


Great lectures and education. Best one that I have attended in 2016.

Charlie Queeno
Spa Coordinator — Paradise MedSpa –Phoenix, AZ

Extremely informative and helpful! Confirmed some of the things that I’m already doing are on the right tack and opened my eyes to new ideas. Really like the “WHY”.


If they are not completely happy with where their practice is at, they have everything to gain by attending.

Patient Care Coordinator

Lots of great information! It’s a great investment.

Julie Gros
Patient Coordinator — Dr. Mark Peters — Houma, LA

They should attend to get insight on sales skills. The YT team are very insightful on issues.


100% will take back concepts which will contribute to success at job and practice.


Attending for the first time, after having implemented and utilized these skills for the past year has reinvigorated me and I think will allow me to have greater clarity in my role a s coordinator. Excited to get to work:) This seminar and the YT “way” has made our roles as successful coordinators so much more impactful and clear – it’s a must!

Whitney Fogel
Consult Coordinator — Dr. Mike Nayak — St. Louis, MO

This is an exceptional tool that provides invaluable information to help grow and open your mind to the endless possibilities for success. Go!


Appreciate the pace of the training and level of experience.


My overall experience was amazing. I’ve been to other types of seminar and this one kept my attention the whole time. The YellowTelescope team is a great and knowledgeable team. The seminar overall was fun and exciting and I look forward to coming back in the future.


For myself, “the perfect phone call” was most impactful. Always looking for new ways to be in control of each call. Also, ways to make sales without being pushy


“What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?”: I would tell them to go check it out. I can promise that it won’t hurt their practice, only make it improved.


Very educational, great reminders – come with an open mind and with the intention to implement the change you want to see.


Lots of helpful strategies to improve your conversion rate. If you’re ready/motivated to invest in your growth, this is an excellent educations tool to get there


Powerful seminar that exceeded my expectations as a returning attendee. Seamless transitions through discussions to break outs and fantastic meals. I took away new phrasings to implement in practice and ideas on how to be more efficient. I feel like I’ve invested in myself and ready to re-invest in my team.

Christina Alves
Practice Administrator – Dr. Hilton Becker – Boca Raton, FL

The way the room is set really helps make it feel intimate and easy to listen to the other attendees.  I have learned so much and hope to incorporate much of it within our practice


You will receive tons of helpful information that when you implement even half of it, you will see your practice grow and be light years about the other practices in your area.


Educational. Motivating. Great key words that stick.  You will definitely take away something new if not more.


Motivating, team building. A great refresher of traditional topics.


Overall, my experience has been outstanding. The hotel, the food, the speakers and the education exceeded my expectations. It is worth the money! There is nothing more important than investing in training for your staff to better assist patients.

Kaitlyn Francis
Patient Administrator — Dr. Patrick O’Neill — Charleston, SC

Some extra gold nuggets to implement in our practice and in life.  Staff should attend because you get very practical, logical, not so difficult ways to make more money and improve your practice overall.


For a first timer, it was educational, motivating and fun! If no one from your practice has been, it’s a MUST!


Great! Always an amazing experience! DO IT!


Good way to learn sales tips.


LOVED IT! The only thing I would change would be location of seminar rooms – too spread out. “What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?”: That it is 5 stars and extremely impactful on my role as a consult coordinator.

Erin Mulder
Consult Coordinator — Dr. Mike Nayak — St. Louis, MO

Informative, motivating.  New perspective and thought provoking of process and procedures.

Patient Administrator — Melbourne, FL

Great experience – the material shared was enlighten tin and very motivating. No matter how many times I may hear something I may not get it all. I definitely had a few things stick.


GO! The energy of everyone is contagious. The education will help you grow professionally and personally