2017 Event Testimonials

2017 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Testimonials and Reviews

Annual Feedback Statistics – 2017 YellowTelescope Training Seminar:

  • Hotel Experience – 9.6 out of 10
  • Meeting Dining – 9.5 out of 10
  • Advance Course for Returning Attendees – 9.6 out of 10
  • Education Quality – 9.6 out of 10
  • Speaker Quality – 9.8 out of 10
  • Overall Experience – 9.68 out of 10

Watch testimonial videos from 2017 attendees and keep scrolling to see more written testimonials below:

Clearly the most poignant, intelligent, relevant, and revenue-generating seminar in the industry. Buy while there’s still space.

Jonathan Bryant, Sitestaff

I wish I had signed up sooner. The meeting was fantastic. Worth every penny.

Dr. Stephen Weber – Denver, Colorado

Vitally important concepts. For you or your team, you have probably never learned this. But you must.

Dr. Verne Weisberg – Portland, Maine

As a client of YT, the meeting not only refreshes our excitement about the process, also help sharpen our skills, and gets me thinking more about my office vibe, vision, and goals. Go!

Dr. Dina Eliopoulos – Plastic Surgeon – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

I would be heartbroken if my doctor didn’t bring me with her each year. When I first heard of YellowTelescope, I read ‘3 dates’ and I was hooked. I wondered, after just that one article, how much more could they possibly teach me. I listened to their podcasts and read every article I could possibly find on them. My doctor asked me to attend their seminar and again I wondered ‘how much more could they possibly teach me?’ I was blown away. Then, we decided to hire them and again I wondered ‘how much more could they possibly teach me?’ I was once again blown away. I no longer question how much more they can teach me and just look forward to the ongoing knowledge I receive from them. I could talk all day about objections, but this year I found the social media aspect to be very helpful.

Erin Andrews, Dr. Dina Eliopoulos – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

YT does the best seminars. I feel like I can slay the dragon after. [Future attendees who are unsure if they should attend] should definitely attend. It will improve business.


Hi Ed, has the prize been claimed yet? My PCC is in the process of booking our 8th surgery since returning home. And I wasn’t even in the office yesterday!

Dr. S. – Ontario, Canada

Excellent seminar. Structure and breaks were perfectly timed and content was specific, to the point, and very helpful. Would you recommend this seminar to others? Already have.

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina – Tulsa, Oklahoma

The YT Seminar is a highlight of my year – always a good self-check to see what changes and improvements need to be made and what we are doing right. You will make your investment back almost immediately. Sign up – you will not regret it!

Georgette DeAndressi – Practice Administrator – Dr. Andrew Jacono – Great Neck, New York

Excellent content. You won’t regret attending as long as you are motivated to implement the methods.

Dr. Amir Karam – Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery, California

My 3rd year of the YT Training Seminar was informative in several areas where I needed additional info and training. I loved seeing familiar faces and meeting new patient care coordinators, office managers, and doctors. The iScream Social Media section was impactful. Mae was wonderful! I learned so much about iScream from her presentation. Mae is an asset to the YT team! Smart young lady! The section on the 5 dysfunctions of a team was informative and impactful. Discussing in a small break out was so helpful. I needed additional training on the objection cycle and sales. I feel more motivated and I think I will increase my conversions even more now. This event is a must for plastic surgery offices! I’ve worked for my doctor for 10 years and have tried other consulting firms and various ways of bringing new patients into our practice. The YT Way works. I am thankful my doctor has invested so much in me, the other 2 coordinators, our office manager, and each team member! I thank him for my success with the YT philosophy. YellowTelescope’s Jill is an asset to the team. Her detailed touches didn’t go unnoticed! The food was spot on! I loved the vegan options! Ed and Jon are great speakers.

Mary Hill – Patient Coordinate Lead – Dr. Sam Sukkar – Houston, Texas

Very fun, grade-A seminar. Great to learn from high-achievers and be in an environment where people are excited about the potential for the future in their practices. The tools that YT provides are proven to improve the structure and efficiency within any plastics practice. Everyone from our staff is going home with takeaways to immediately implement into our daily work to increase our effectiveness and efficiency. Thanks again!!! Great job guys!

Andrea Watkins – Practice Administrator – Dr. Nick Slenkovich – Denver, Colorado

Absolutely incredible. Everything is 100% top service and teaching. Loved learning about social media from Mae – such an important topic! The breakout was so helpful. No suggestions for improvement. Everything was fantastic. Do not hesitate. 5 star treatment, teachings, and learning.

Misty Watters, Dr. Nathan Newman

Enlightening experience with valuable information that can be utilized within the practice. It will develop you as a consultant, provide you with the fundamental skill set to grow and be successful in your role.

Erin Wassum – Patient Care Coordinator – Dr. Perry Liu – Beverly Hills, California

This experience impacted my doctor and me in different ways, but created a common ground and understanding. I am truly excited to implement new strategies and create success for our team. You’ll wonder why you didn’t go sooner. Even if you feel like a veteran – that’s me – in this industry, you will learn. Just go.

Melanie Chapman – Practice Administrator – Dr. Reza Rod – Phoenix, Arizona

Very informative, gained great information to take back to practice and implement.


I am very excited to use these methods moving forward. This was a great boost of motivation to sell in an exciting, new way. You should go! Even if you already think you are doing a good job! Because I was that same person.

Missi Graham, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina – Tulsa, Oklahoma

I loved it all! Wonderful, wonderful event. Mae did an exceptional job presenting the social media portion. Very eye opening! Ed is phenomenal! Berry can sing! Hoffenberg is an excellent speaker! Jill is a Rockstar! For the doctor who has never used YellowTelescope before, I highly encourage this to grow your practice. The methods taught here will allow you to become more efficient and to see qualified candidates who are truly ready to book surgery. The return on your investment will be pretty quickly obtained. Your staff will be more confident and fully equipped to make your practice more successful and profitable.

Darice Whately – Patient Coordinator – Dr. Sam Sukkar – Houston, Texas

Educational, great reiteration of certain subjects, outstanding speakers with great focus. Those providers who struggle with turnover, incentivizing, and recognizing their staff need this conference.

Ann Marie Miles, Dr. Paco Canales – Santa Ana, California

Very informative with valuable knowledge

Angie Encinas, Dr. Vivian Ting – Walnut Creek, California

It met and exceeded all expectations. Engaging speakers with many pieces of information I can apply immediately. I would highly recommend it. Again, you will learn valuable sales techniques that can be implemented immediately

Megan Haerst, Dr. Emily Kirby

Outstanding pearls of information.

Dr. Emily Kirby

Bring your entire front office staff.

Lisa Bourassa – Practice Administrator – Dr. Mark Murphy – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Very informative and spot on. Will use these skills in the office and in the future. You should have not heard anything bad from offices that have been using YT over the years.

Hillary Ebling

Extremely insightful – worth every penny. Appreciated how to deal with the ‘maybe’ patients.


Informative. Will be sharing and implementing to our practice. Huge learning for all new and current employees.

Patrina Oshiro – Dr. Richard Yeo – Honolulu, Hawaii

The YT seminar was a wonderful learning experience. Superb job. I loved the [talks about] sales in general, staffing, and web. Extremely worth it. Really breaks down the YT experience, and how to utilize it and increase revenue.

Sarah Eliopoulos – Nurse Injector – Dr. Dina Eliopoulos – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Everything was really well organized and executed. Do it! Worth it!

Natalie Schultz – Dr. Stephen Ronan – Danville, California

Speakers are engaging and knowledgeable. Valuable. Should attend at least one in their career life.


Extremely informative and engaging. Completely beneficial to setting up your practice administrator for success.

Jacqueline Christiani – Dr. Jeffrey Wise – Wayne, New Jersey

It was a really great first experience and I learned a lot about the process. It is a great learning experience


Pleasant surprise. Terrific presenters. Good material. Be open to these sales and follow them.


Very helpful to all physicians who are in private practice whether starting out new or already established. Book early.

Dr. Vivian Ting – Walnut Creek, California

Very knowledgeable and great experience overall. Lots of good people, good information, and motivation. Everything is perfect. Go. It will change your life. It is an amazing experience.

Kristina Marzouk, Dr. Nathan Newman

Very educational. All speakers are extremely knowledgeable. Funny, witty, and engaging. Would encourage attendance. Guaranteed to learn a lot!


Very informative. Given the key to success! Quite an experience! Need to attend! They must go!


Intense! Lots of good information. Attend!


Staff is wonderful, seminar was educational. I feel inspired and motivated to make great changes. Very educational, entertaining, and an overall unique experience. Look forward to this seminar in the coming years.

Dr. Amir Karam – Carmel Valley, California

The YT Seminar has been very helpful. The information provided is thoughtful, applicable, and presented energetically. Very practical advice that is easy to implement upon return.


Great seminar. A lot of good information to apply to my practice. A must for all practices to grow their practice.

Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins, Plastic Surgeon – Dallas, Texas

Give it a try – it’s definitely worth it! You can’t make money without spending money.

Irene Samaha, Dr. Mark Samaha – Montreal, Canada

I enjoyed the training. It was nice to have an overview of the process as well as more advanced training. Don’t miss it! If you are unsure of the whole YT process, come to the seminar and at least get to speak to other YellowTelescopers. You’ll be sold by the time you leave.

Lacy Burnett, Dr. Thomas McFadden

The skills will help you with all parts of your life.

Lisa Rovens, Dr. Paul Glat

Great info, inspiring, and eye opening about how we can improve. It will change your practice and make you money.


Seminar provided me the trust I needed to implement the quality service that YellowTelescope boasts. Come drink the KoolAid. It solidifies trust.

Penny McLaren – Practice Administrator – Dr. Frank Fechner – Worcester, Massachusetts

Lots of applicable and useful information. Outside of all topics discussed, sharing info with other attendees is a valuable part of this meeting

Dr. Steven Vu – Huntington Beach, California

Excellent overview of the YellowTelescope process, and the psychology and technique of making a sale. Practice management, organization, and planning are also good. A must-attend for all patient care coordinators, practice owners, and managers.

Dr. Perry Liu – Beverly Hills, California

Learned a lot and we cannot wait to get back and use the many pearls we’ll be taking back with us. Everyone will learn something.

Carrie Cooney – Patient Care Coordinator – Dr. Amir Karam

Awesome experience. Exceeded expectations. All the speakers made it very interesting and easy to stay engaged. Very helpful and motivating. If you are interested in your business’ growing, you should definitely attend.

Lindsey Richards – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Dr. Angelo Cuzalina

Lots of good information. Do it! We weren’t sure what to expect but it exceeded our expectations.

Kathy Floyd, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Insightful. The experience was unique in the sense that Jon and his team were very knowledgeable in a field that is fairly unknown. Suggestions for improvement? None! Looking forward to advanced training next year! If you’re looking to grow both professionally and personally, and gain greater relationships with your team, attend.


Outstanding conference.


Very educational, fun and overall impactful. Come to educate yourselves and be more successful.


Great, very informative. Leaving with more knowledge for day-to-day. Go.

Ashli Krug, Dr. Brent Birely

I learned a lot of valuable techniques and tips to implement successfully. Thank you! It is a must training session for all practices – especially new ones.

Macy Miller – Dr. Garrett Wirth – Newport Beach, California

Great program. Plenty of info. I learned a lot about managing and sales. Helpful in all areas. Attendees will learn everything they need to know about sales, themselves, and managing.

Mary Marino, Dr. Brian Machida – Ontario, California

Fun! It’s a great way to learn and freshen up your skills, and meet like-minded people. If you are unsure about YT or the process, come to the event and let the YT team show you why their process is so great!

Kaitlin Stevens – Patient Care Coordinator – Dr. Thomas McFadden – Greenville, South Carolina

This was more than I anticipated, it was so educational for all of the staff, not just doctors and coordinators. It would greatly impact your way of thinking and would be incredibly beneficial for your practice.

Camielle Landolfi – Front Desk Manager – Dr. Adam Hamawy – Princeton, New Jersey

Outstanding. Met all expectations. Suggestions for improvements? None. Invest. You won’t be sorry!


Outstanding experience here at YellowTelescope. So happy we invested in this training. Looking forward to putting all of your new knowledge to practice. If you want to educate your staff about how to increase sales or how to communicate to patients, staff, web masters, etc. this is the place for your business!

Christine Wirth, Dr. Wirth – Newport Beach, California

Great experience with great people

Annel Salas – Practice Manager – Dr. Nirav Savalia – Orange County, California

Great meeting! A fun learning experience. Just go!

Ashley Merrifield – Practice Coordinator – Dr. Jennifer Porter – Chevy Chase, Maryland

Fantastic information presented in a concise, organized way to give a great basis to overall quality practice growth and management. Absolutely go and learn as much as possible. There is always more to learn!

Thomas Horner – Practice Administrator/COO – Dr. Paul Glat – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This was an opportunity to review some of the basics and learn some new ways to sharpen our saw. If you attend and use the information and techniques you learn, your business will absolutely improve.

Patrick McKinnon – Chief Operating Officer – South East Veterinary Neurology – Dr. Michael Wong – Miami Florida

Each year I come to the YT Seminar at a different point in my professional career and looking to gain new pearls of wisdom, and every year I leave refreshed, renewed, and ready to make the leap from good to great and elevate myself and my practice above the rest. Do you expect your team, your revenue, and your legacy to grow this year more than the last? If so how are you investing in your team and planning for growth? Continuing to perform in the same manner leads to complacency. Invest in your team and help them reach their potential. They will thank you and your return on investment will blossom.

Christina Alves – Practice Administrator – Dr. Verne Weisberg & Dr. Jarrod Daniel – Portland, Maine

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The hotel, food, and overall experience has been absolutely incredible. The experience and education is unforgettable. It is important to understand the value of high-quality service in order to provide it to your patients. YT really provides and emphasizes this.

Kaitlyn Francis – Patient Manager – Dr. Patrick O’Neill – Charleston, South Carolina

It was very informative and helps me work out many items in our practice. Make sure you get to this event!

Rosy Alvarez – Practice Administrator/Consultant – Dr. Richard Schwartz – Palm Beach, Florida

Very well done. Kept it moving. Great mix of social and business.


I’m surprised and truly appreciative of the new knowledge I learned from the training.

Brandon Pearson – Vice President – Studio3 Marketing

Well organized, comprehensive, fun. I really enjoyed the break outs. Well worth the investment for a team member who is willing to learn and grow.

Heather Jenkins – Practice Administrator – Dr. Ross Clevens – Melbourne, Florida

I thought this seminar was wonderful, very informative. Best sales seminar I’ve attended. Absolutely 100% attend.

Jessie Vincelet – Dr. Nick Slenkovich – Denver, Colorado

I felt the information given was extremely useful regarding consultations. I would tell future attendees that this is insightful and a great way to network and learn how other offices operate.

Kelly Sheehan, Dr. Andrew Jacono

I had an excellent experience. I’ve learned a lot and am excited to bring back my knowledge to the office. It’s great for new employees. Very motivational.

Jaclyn Politi, Dr. Andrew Jacono

Very helpful! Great insight on many topics. I’m going home with a laundry list of things to implement. You don’t yet know what you are not doing well until you come and listen.

Elena Fechner – Dr. Frank Fechner – Worcester, Massachusetts

There are foundational principals that our practice already has in place, but there never seems to be a shortage of information each year we attend. This is my first year, and I didn’t know what to expect. It was incredibly comprehensive and thorough in research and training efficacy, endeavoring to improve every aspect of my practice. It was sincerely impressive. It’s not only about looking to improve, but being willing to do so.

Julianna Page, Dr. Paco Canales

Excellent. Informative. Well-presented. Highly recommend. Suggest to them to have an open mind and be open to change what they have been doing.

Dr. Mark Samaha – Montreal, Quebec

Worthwhile. It was good to learn more about sales. Yes – attend.


Engaging. Lots of information to process. Why would you not want to grow?


Essential for any surgeon who runs her or his own clinic. Do it.


Excellent for a newbie like myself. Also loved the food. They won’t leave without learning something new and valuable.

Christina Furze, Dr. Alexis Furze – Orange County, California

The overall experience was very pleasant with dynamic speakers. Excellent for floundering, stagnant practices. Dynamic speakers make for an entertaining weekend.

Erin Porter, Dr. Michael Wong

The YT seminar was very informative and well organized. Good way to step from practice and learn.


Very helpful, illustrated great need for more organized business approach. I would recommend everyone to come and see what changes need to be made to their business model.


I had a good time. Excellent information. Multiple ideas to implement. Attend!

Dr. Reza Rod

The training has been extremely informative and will certainly make a positive impact on my future sales. It is especially significant for employees who are possibly new to the field of cosmetic surgery, such as myself.

Johanna Rycroft, Dr. Ross Clevens

Always a great experience! Love learning and sharing ideas with others.

Kathy Benvenuti – Practice Administrator – Dr. Thomas Kaniff – Sacramento, California

Incredible. Insightful. Definitely send a staff member and the doctor to get the ball rolling.


The best seminar I’ve ever been to! Informative and fun! Just do it. It’s awesome!

Lisa Serna – Patient Care Administrator – Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins – Dallas, Texas

Since starting with YellowTelescope four years ago, my closing now averages 90-95%. I’ve grown so substantially as a patient care coordinator and continue to learn and grow each day! The food was amazing. I loved the tofu and vegan options. I loved hearing Mae’s social media insight even though my focus is sales. I do think the doctor should attend with their patient care coordinators. This event is truly superb for practices who are ready to take their offices to the next level. Make their consult schedule more effective for higher closing, higher patient quality of care and education. Jill did a great job! Amazing event! Ed and Jon are always so inspirational. Jackson and Sebastian are rock stars!

Jessica Stavena – Patient Coordinator Lead – Dr. Sam Sukkar