2019 Event Testimonials

2019 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Testimonials and Reviews

Annual Feedback Statistics – 2019 YellowTelescope Training Seminar:

  • Overall Experience – 9.43 out of 10
  • Hotel Experience – 9.55 out of 10
  • Education Quality – 9.20 out of 10
  • Advance Course/Breakout Experience – 9 out of 10
  • Speaker Quality – 9.29 out of 10
  • Dinner & Cocktail Experience – 9.68 out of 10

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Georgette D. – Practice Manager – Dr. Andrew Jacono – 6-time attendee

The seminar was very informational. The meeting will transform your practice.

Dr. Jacob Haiavy – Rancho Cucamunga, California

Just do it!

Matt Brace, MD – Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you think you know, you don’t. Best ROI spend you can make on your practice.

Mark Burrell – COO – Elanic Clinic – Scotland & London

As a repeat attendee, I continuously feel like quality information was reinforced and continued with new, quality, and immediately implementable information.

Anthony C. – PCC Dr. Paul Glat – Philadelphia

The Advanced Courses are great. I really enjoyed talking to other offices and getting ideas.


Incredible program! Jon is an amazing engaging speaker. Jill was an incredible speaker.

Cynthia Kirwan – Practice Manager – Sadrian Plastic Surgery – La Jolla, California

I have attended 4 years in a row & am already signed up for my 5th. You cannot fully understand the process w/o personally attending and you will not get this level of sales training anywhere else (unless you hire them and even then, you should still attend”). You have nothing to lose. Do it.

Erin Andrews – PCC – Dr. Eliopoulos – Chelmsford, Mass.

It will change your practice dramatically.

Matt Lewis, MD – Portland, Oregon

Absolutely and unequivocally the best information money can buy to powerfully impact your practice.

Darice W. – Dr. Sukkar – Houston, Texas

Excellent location! Wonderful Speakers! Supportive team that was able to accommodate our specific needs.

Juan Batlle, MD – Plastic Surgeon – Dominican Republic

Even working w/YT for 5 years, the conference is always filled w/good reminders and ways to take it to the next level. Getting untrained staff here so the whole team is on the same page would be helpful [for other practices].

Crystal – Practice Administrator – Dr. Richard Westreich – New York City

You can’t go wrong with a money back guarantee. Just go. You won’t regret it.

Sonya Merriman, MD – Valdosta, Georgia

5 Stars! YT put on the most luxurious and informative seminar I’ve ever been to. Can’t wait to be back in 2020.


As with everything you guys do, the quality of this seminar was top notch. Great refresher with so many new takeaways. And the food was ridiculous. You can be guaranteed you’ll come away from this seminar taking away some invaluable information…it’s the most worthwhile conference of the year for us.


Don’t think short term. Think long term. The process works – the longer you work with YT the better the outcome – the longer the better, the more profitable, the longer the better the more profitable…more = better!


Great content and very applicable…overall experience was great

Brette Arno – Dr. Ronan – Blackhawk Plastic Surgery

Excellent seminar. Definitely worth it.

Dr. S. Alexander Earle – Miami, Florida

As always, insightful, motivating and helpful. Come with an open mind and the willingness to learn and implement change.

– Anonymous

I’ve learned some amazing sales techniques through these few days…worth coming for sure! I’m looking forward to putting everything I’ve learned into my daily practice! Loved meeting the YT Crew!

Adrian Rojas – Dr. Paul Vitenas – Houston, Texas

Great seminar…Invest in yourself and the practice. Just do it! Lots of pearls.

Demeree Andreasen – Dr. Andreasen – Plastic Surgeon – Inland Breast and Body

Excellent overall experience…take the plunge and go for it.


Great first seminar. Sales process was great.


Very productive and informative. Effective and efficient use of time. WORTH THE INVESTMENT.


Mandatory for doctor, manager & PC to understand value, process and setting expectations.


Good overview of topics and interest. Many opportunities to speak to speakers and ask questions.


Great practices, education, knowledge…if you want to feel empowered to succeed and gain helpful skills to close more business this conference is where you should be.


YT has been so educational. Not only was the presented content very useful, but the information gained through networking and new relationships has been amazing! Extremely educational and worth it!

Alli Petrella – Front Office Manager – Dr. Slenkovich – Denver, Colorado

2nd year better than the first – it takes that long to put the practices into place and make it your own.

Carrie Collins – Dr. Sukkar – Houston, Texas

Good seminar. Great food/accommodations and group. It’s worth it! Give it a try!


This seminar will contribute a lot to our practice. I’d tell them that in the seminar they teach you how to organize your consultation better.


Good. A lot of new info to implement.


It’s always a 5 Star experience. My absolute favorite was the mindful Advanced Break out. It’s not easy, but neither is your job if you’re getting unqualified pts. Putting in the work and effort will pay off with immediate results.

Courtney Swick – Kaniff Plastic Surgery – Sacramento, California

As a doctor, I know have a better understanding of the 7 Steps, 3 Gs. I have a few recommendations to implement when I return.


It was a good refresher course on the YT Sales. I really enjoyed the social media break out session. It’s a very specific formula for best sales practices. You really need to be dedicated to changing to this system.


Content was relevant and explained in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Speakers held my attention. Subject matter is realistic and not so out there that it would be impossible to implement. YT has proven, effective processes in place to improve productivity in revenue. The seminar gives you ALL the tools needed to raise your practice productivity exponentially. Worth every penny if your team is willing to listen and implement.

Aimee Mallory – Patient Coordinator – Utah

Always great!


Impactful. Motivating. Make the investment – you won’t regret it. The return WILL come.


I am excited to take all of this information back to my office… In-Meeting Food Rating: 11 out of 10.


The seminar was very informative and a great refresher from my initial YT Training. It’s very helpful and a game changer when you follow YT structure in your practice. It’s YT Way or no way.

Katie Pleasants – Valdosta, Georgia – Non-Surgical Patient Care Coordinator

Great training! The energy and experience of the speakers was awesome! I really enjoyed learning about the sales process and consult process. Excited to put my knowledge to use. It’s total worth the investment!


Excellent way to get out of the day to day and work on the business. You can’t go wrong with a money back guarantee. Just go. You won’t regret it.

Dr. Sonya Merriman – Plastic Surgeon – Georgia

The entire package was great. Gave a lot of information and plan to implement and really use in practice. Why would you want to leave $500,000-$1,000,000 on the table by not attending?

Dr. Thomas Kuerschner – Scottsdale, Arizona

Very helpful information…Give it a chance. Only one way to find out.


Overall very rewarding weekend, coming home with a lot of knowledge/tips to better my role in the company. From the PCC standpoint, would highly suggest attending to learn many useful recommendations to weeding in most-likely to book patients.

Lauren Boyd – Patient Coordinator – Charlotte Plastic Surgery

I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think year 2 would provide any additional tidbits of knowledge.


Just come – if it is not worth it then talk to the YT team.

Veronica Onumah – Dr. Onumah Dermatology – Princeton, New Jersey

I enjoyed my first year at the seminar! The whole experience was a 6 out of 5, and I’m looking forward to applying the info and 5 Star experience to the clinic. Go for the informative aspect and stay for the food.

Meagan Dale – Patient Coordinator – Dr. Jugenburg – Canada

Well organized, …and relevant business training.


Well worth it.


Good experience. Will attend again. Go! It’s valuable.

Stefanie Kuerschner – Practice Administrator and Co-owner – Scottsdale, Arizona

Loved the first day speeches. My favorite specifically was the 3 Gs. Love the simplicity in the breakdown fo why a patient did not book. Can’t wait to bring these notes back to our practice! If you are a PCC or training new staff, GO! Amazing experience all around.

Rachel Wilensky – Dr. Daniel Barrett – Beverly Hills, California

I found the overall experience refreshing and it gave me new ideas and ways to be a PCC (a more successful PCC). I loved how everything was broken down – the speakers were amazing. They should absolutely go. It’s eye opening, fun, great and exciting business ideas.

Juliette Lund – Dr. Romanelli – Long Island, New York

Educational. Great information.


Had a great first experience.


Very organized, great to meet and connect with other in the industry while refreshing skills. Definitely go! Worth the time and investment. I leave feeling motivated and inspired.


Overall speakers are captivating and keep your attention…This is definitely worth your time. I learned a lot, definitely about the psychology of pts.

Dr. Diana Ponsky – Cleveland, Ohio

It was amazing. This was my 2nd year and I learned so much. Be ready to learn and eat a lot!

Merissa Vasquez – Dr. Haiavy – California

Great experience. A much appreciated break from the traditional meetings. Chock full of content – forces you to revisit the “way” behind how business decisions and patient care has been made. Highly motivational. Attend. Enjoyed the opportunity to rethink my perspective and shift it.


It makes sense – creates introspection – motivation – it’s almost funny…can’t argue against anything, really. Nothing to lose – everything to gain – open mind and ready to change.

Ashley da Silveira – Dr. Cynthia Poulos – Northborough, Massachusetts

Very insightful tips and strategies. Day 1 was excellent.


Well structured and thoughtful tools that can be used in real time. Low risk investment in practice management.

Dr. Tim Rankin – Blackhawk Plastic Surgery – Bay Area, California

Informative, concise, high-end, and personalize. If your goal is to learn, you will learn a lot w/ a ton of food and drinks along the way.

Erika Rauschner – Dr. Moynihan – Chicago, Illinois

Great experience. Lots of good information to utilize in our practice. Invest in your team. Take the time and truly listen to the process. It works. Your practice will see growth.


Great. Allowed the previous knowledge I knew about YT to be expanded. Do it. Great team bonding and worthwhile info to grow practice.


Provided me increased education and preparation as a PCC. Provides you more resources/tools for Date 1 (and Date 2 and 3). Do Attend!

Dara Gorey – Dr. Alizadeh – Long Island, NY

Definitely worthwhile training and networking.


There was a lot of value in the break outs and networking opportunities. They can’t afford not to go.


Very informative. Great ideas. Amazed at all the information and different way of booking. Be prepared to eat and gain so much knowledge.


I love getting to share ideas with other attendees and mostly I love know what an amazing surgeon and team I’m a part of. Love reinforcing the information and it make me appreciate weekly calls with Ed. Absolutely loved VIP Breakout. Ed is the best. Really though the love the information and it gives such insight personally and professionally. Absolutely and unequivocally the best information money can buy to powerfully impact your practice!

Darice Whatley – Patient Care Coordinator – Dr. Sukkar – Houston, Texas

Definitely Attend!!!


Very great first seminar. Lots of information especially for someone starting out.

Farzana Esmail – Practice Administrator – Co-owner – Canada

Very informative. Tons of information, sales focused. Well structures, informative, fun!


Great, practical, evidence-based sales course. Enough data to take back and implement.

Yolanda Rivera – Lieberman & Parikh Plastic Surgery – San Francisco, California

Very informative. The accommodations helped me to feel relaxed to focus on YT Training.


The training was helpful and the role playing experience was very enjoyable. I enjoyed listening to what other offices do in different scenarios that might help our practice.

Stephanie Salamanca – Dr. Earle – Miami, Florida

Very useful to someone coming in. Very excited to use. It would be really useful if you use it correctly. Numbers don’t lie.

Janette Ibarra – PCC – California

My experience this year @ the YT Training Seminar was impactful and invaluable. Seminar is a must for practices that are hungry for growth. The pearls and knowledge that were taught and shared are invaluable. I can’t wait to incorporate these into our practice.

Kelly Facella – Practice Administrator – Romanelli Plastic Surgery

The meeting never disappoints! It helps me re-focus on the process. This year’s VIP sessions were better than the past so thank you! This year the VIP Outward Mindset session really helped me better understand some staffing problems…and maybe also will help me focus on a healthier mind set for myself as well. Just do it!

Dr. Dina Eliopoulos – Massachusetts

Very motivational, gives you confidence to execute! You always learn something new!


Very informative. It was engaging. I didn’t feel bored. You get amazing information about how to screen patient on the phone and get them in if they are true candidate for surgery.


Great reboot! The entire YT team is awesome, smart and fun! It’s informative, fun and you meet great smart people!

Lisa Serna – Practice Manager – Dallas

I found this entire seminar extremely helpful. I learned so much more than I expected and am so excited to share with my team members. It’s completely refundable – no risk! But the information and topics covered are so valuable for your practice!


“Great.” What other topic would you like to see…what questions do you still have that weren’t answered? “None”

Jenni Holt

Great group. You do a great job @ making everyone feel special. Great food and environment. LOVE networking w/others, speeding dating – discussion based small group. DO IT, without a doubt. Your team and business will benefit exponentially.


I am vendor and loved the whole experience. It was nice to be able to make connections.

Gabrielle Penniman – Vice President

Great experience with lots of new information to incorporate in to the office. It’s a positive and forward-thinking conference. Top notch speakers. Helpful team that wants success for each attending practice.

Brandi Salway – PCC Dr. Scott Thompson – Utah

The Advanced Courses are great. I really enjoyed talking to other offices and getting ideas…very informative.


Repeat attendee – ALWAYS learn actionable items @ YT meetings. They will take home much more than they pay. Easy ROI.

Jeff Segal – Founder eMerit/Medical Justice

Very helpful information that allows me to dive deeper into my craft. It is a must in order to keep growing your skill set.


Great info sandwiched between great people, food, and stay!. Worth it if you are struggling or just want to grow.


As a repeat attendee, I continuously feel like quality information was reinforced and coupled with new, quality and immediately implementable information.

Anthony Coljezzi – PCC – Dr. Paul Glat

I thought the seminar was very good. I enjoyed all the information I heard on Friday. Come rested and prepared to listen and engage. I thought the sections on the steps to make the sale. The LIFO foundation of managing people was enlightening. Read all of the suggested books to be better prepared.

Jan Vitenas – Vitenas Plastic Surgery – Houston, Texas

Very informative! Good value.

Dr. Vivek Sivarajan – Elanic Clinic Founder – Scotland & London

Very good experience. Lots of information! It is very informative!

Kate Elder – PCC – Elanic Clinic

Every minute has been valuable and things can immediately be put into my practice to improve. Hotel and dinner has been an amazing environment to learn in. It is the best training course I have attended with valuable information in an amazing environment.


A totally new way of thinking which has lead me to be excited and confident about my work life.

Mandy Mulholland – Glasgow, Scotland

Organized, thoughtful, useful. Come.

Kim McDonald – Patient Care Coordinator

There’s more to learn every year – I love the speed dating session and idea sharing! Speak, listen, learn and meet people.

Jonathan Bryant – Co-owner – Site Staff

Being a 2nd year attendee, I find the information to be more reliable and much easier to digest. Hope to be a third year attendee to get even more out of the seminar. It’s a wealth of information with tried and true methods that are not only beneficial for medical practices, but also in everyday life. Healthy and impactful way of living – better mindset.


Very well organized, attention to detail made, good content, amazing overall learning experience. It’s totally worth it. Think we’ll leave with many great takeaways.

Brittany Busatto – PCC – Guelph, Canada

While I had a broad idea of what this seminar would cover, I came away with incredible ideas from speakers and attendees and practical information that our practice can begin using right away that while help our cosmetic practice and impact our schedule in a + way. Attend if possible – there is an abundance of information that can help your practice immediately and in the future.

Caroline Weaver – BSN – Dr. Morgenstern Oculoplastic Surgeon – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Attention to every detail – appreciate the quality of speakers. Everyone was willing to support each other. Loaded with good info – organized – great overall experience.

Myya Pavone – Dr. Morgenstern – Greater Philadelphia Area

Fascinating and overwhelming (in a good way). Whether you move forward w/YT or not, what you learn makes it 100% worth attending – practice and proven tips that you can immediately start implementing.

Caitlin McGuire – Dr. Morgenstern

This is great, but it’s a lot. Have a lot to learn. Will start implementing and practicing right away. They absolutely should [attend]. If for nothing else, it will make one more articulate and assist in dealing with people and all cultural backgrounds.

Stacey Roberson

Good to hear the information again as a 2nd year attendee. Helpful information on how it relates to your position and you can speak to other offices and get ideas.

Rosa D’orsogna – The Glasgold Group

This was a terrific course. So well organized! The course itself gives me great confidence in YT and YT philosophy. Watch the podcasts – gives a good intro to YT methodology that is reinforced and further explained during the course.

Dr. Jonathan Frankel – Cleveland, Ohio

Exceptional and knowledgeable EXPERTS! I’m taking what I’ve learned so far to help me become more successful and relevant. What are you waiting for? Do it! Game Changer.

Hekili – PCC – Honolulu, Hawaii – Dr. Shim Ching

I really enjoyed it. Didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy being around so many sales professional as it can sometimes be a major drain on me (lots of egos), but instead found myself connecting w/ many like-minded, awesome people. Having the top minds in the room felt like a 5 star massage for my intellectual wellness (thank you- !!!!!) which I desperately needed. Highly recommend – well-executed seminar, densely-packed itinerary but all very engaging and enriching. Value-add level rating: * 10 * (out of 10).

Annabelle Scott – Practice Care Leader – Dr. Nima Shemirani – Beverly Hills

Amazing! Motivating, education, encouraging. DO IT! BOOK NOW! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!

Nualla Rogowski – Nurse Manager – Dr. Nathan Newman – Beverly Hills, California

Finally made it to the VIP Program and it was incredible. Being able to have deep conversations with other in the same field is so necessary. Loved all the seesion the whole weekend, food and hotel were 100%. Don’t think twice. There will be something new you’ll learn to implement to lead you to success. Thanks – you guys are amazing!

Misty Lamb – Beverly Hills, California

Take the leap and come to the training! TRUST THE PROCESS! This training will help.

Suzy Ortiz – Practice Leader – Dr. George Sanders – Encino, California