Dr. Shim Ching Revenue Growth Case Study

“We were able to capture an additional $1.2 million in revenue last year, in my first year with YellowTelescope… This pandemic year we are already up by $1.3 million and we’re a little more than half of the year through so we may even get to the $2 million dollar mark in my second year which is astounding to me. I never really thought we could capture that much more revenue in this practice… I’m very impressed and very happy with our decision to sign up with YellowTelescope.”


After 12 years in practice, Shim Ching, MD, felt he had reached his capacity. Each year he invested more in technology and advertising, but revenue had plateaued, and he wondered if further growth was even possible. After reading an article in MedEsthetics by YellowTelescope President, Jon Hoffenberg, on the YT philosophy behind the importance of the Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) role in a practice, Dr. Ching was intrigued. He wondered if an investment in PCC training to improve the efficiency of his consultations was the solution to his stagnant growth. He decided to reach out to learn more.

During his initial call, Jon explained the YT long-term consulting service, which would include hiring and managing PCCs for his practice. Dr. Ching, being based in Hawaii, was a rare surgeon who had not heard of YT prior, nor attended speeches so was admittedly a bit unconvinced that YT was truly able to achieve what it suggested it could. Quite simply, he found it hard to believe that YT-trained PCCs can convert as much as 80%-95% of consultations same-day. He was also deeply contemplating the longer-term nature of YT’s consulting services and the fair, but not inexpensive cost of the services. After much deliberation, speaking to references, and what Jon described as “one of the most intensive vetting processes a practice ever put us through,” he ultimately decided to take the plunge and selected YellowTelescope.

Once his PCCs were trained by one of our leading Sr. Consultants, Dan Grantham, on the proprietary YellowTelescope sales and service process, and our President was “forced” to visit the azure beaches of Honolulu to launch the project, Dr. Ching noticed a dramatic improvement in his same-day conversion ratio from consultation to surgery. Prior to YT, he was converting 50%-60% of patients same day, which was already likely around three times the national average, but now he was up to an average conversion rate of 80%-90%+ of patients the same day, before they left his office! Patients were more prepared for their appointments, requiring less of his time for the consultation, freeing him up to see more patients, do more surgery, and be more productive, plus allow for more family time.

Dr. Ching’s practice grew by $1.2 million in first year with YT. In his 2nd year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, his practice has already grown by $1.3 million in the first 7 months and will likely grow by $2 million or more by end of year! Despite closing for 5 weeks due to the pandemic, his staff was still able to capture leads by following the YT process, and he reopened to a completely full surgery schedule. In fact, he had his first $1 million dollar month in August 2020 – a $12 million dollar per year pace for a single doctor practice in a mid-sized market!

In addition to investing in YT long-term consulting, Dr. Ching hired our sister company, iScreamSocialMedia for targeted paid advertising campaign, which generate nearly a dozen leads each month, which has resulted in 6 figures in sales already, and is developing websites to generate leads through micro-site focus with our other sister company, SEOversite.  While a better than average result, Dr. Ching’s practice is not a rare result.  Many of our YellowTelescope Long-Term Consulting clients achieve 7 figures in growth in the first year, second year, and beyond.