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4 Ways to Save More Money in 2020

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to set your sights on what’s possible in 2020. The core goal of our consultancy is to help “motivated people reach their capacity.”

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A Peek Inside the 2019 YT Training Seminar

The better part of 200 practice management leaders and doctors from teams around the world descended upon Miami last month for the 9th Annual YellowTelescope (YT) Training Seminar! It’s impossible to truly capture the essence of this weekend, but here are a few highlights...

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Reducing No-Shows: Tips to Prevent Swiss Cheese Schedules

You glance at your schedule the night prior to a busy patient day and find back-to-back appointments with little spare time. Yet by the end of the following day, two appointments no-show completely and two more reschedule last-minute, leaving your schedule looking more like swiss cheese filled with holes. Sound familiar?

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Ask and You Shall Receive: Ask for the Order (AFTO)

You’ve probably heard of the ABC rule, or “always be closing,” made famous in Glengarry Glen Ross, a Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards. Here at YellowTelescope, while we believe in a low-key, customer service based sale, we are firm believers in resolving each conversation with a closing question, or what we call “asking for the order” (AFTO).

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3 Ways to Maximize Your RealSelf Profile

In our current ratings and reviews culture more patients are turning to review sites when researching procedures and surgeons. RealSelf, in many ways the “Yelp of Cosmetic Surgery”, achieves around 10 million unique monthly visitors.

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Firing for Success

Occasionally we all find ourselves holding onto a losing bet because we are invested and hope things will get better. It can be tough to admit that an employee isn’t working out, but the alternative of allowing a toxic energy continue poisoning your practice is worse and possibly costing you dearly in good employees and patients. Read on for our guide on when and how to fire your employees…

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3 Tips for Starting Your Own Practice

Recently, we have spoken with several doctors contemplating practice ownership. Some are tenured physicians separating from hospital, university, or group practice employment. Others are finishing residency or fellowship and getting ready to put their name on their first door.

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To-Do or To-Don’t, That is the Question

We love the remarkably satisfying feeling of crossing a task off our to-do lists, and figured that sharing this gift was a perfect way to give back to the efficiency gods. Unquestionably, one of YellowTelescope’s non-negotiable values is being “on it” and this wouldn’t be possible without operating off a to-do list with maximum efficiency and minimum drag co-efficient.

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