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Ask and You Shall Receive: Ask for the Order (AFTO)

You’ve probably heard of the ABC rule, or “always be closing,” made famous in Glengarry Glen Ross, a Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards. Here at YellowTelescope, while we believe in a low-key, customer service based sale, we are firm believers in resolving each conversation with a closing question, or what we call “asking for the order” (AFTO).

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3 Ways to Maximize Your RealSelf Profile

In our current ratings and reviews culture more patients are turning to review sites when researching procedures and surgeons. RealSelf, in many ways the “Yelp of Cosmetic Surgery”, achieves around 10 million unique monthly visitors.

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Fire Employee

Can You “Fire for Success?”

Occasionally we all find ourselves holding onto a losing bet because we are invested and hope things will get better. It can be tough to admit that an employee isn’t working out, but the alternative of allowing a toxic energy continue poisoning your practice is worse and possibly costing you dearly in good employees and patients. Read on for our guide on when and how to fire your employees…

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3 Tips for Starting Your Own Practice

Recently, we have spoken with several doctors contemplating practice ownership. Some are tenured physicians separating from hospital, university, or group practice employment. Others are finishing residency or fellowship and getting ready to put their name on their first door.

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To-Do or To-Don’t, That is the Question: Our Top To-Do List Tips

We love the remarkably satisfying feeling of crossing a task off our to-do lists, and figured that sharing this gift was a perfect way to give back to the efficiency gods. Unquestionably, one of YellowTelescope’s non-negotiable values is being “on it” and this wouldn’t be possible without operating off a to-do list with maximum efficiency and minimum drag co-efficient.

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Spring Forward

Although the weather reports seem to indicate otherwise, Spring is here. With a relatively brutal winter (hopefully) behind us, it is finally time to train our eyes on sunnier seasons. New beginnings, regrowth, renewal, and all other spring euphemisms aside, what better way to start fresh than by finally executing truly effective, interactive team meetings?

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Hatching Habits to Maximize New Purchase Profit

Is there a machine in the corner of your office that has been collecting dust for months? Perhaps you have 3 computer systems and 4 marketing platforms not currently being utilized? If you are nodding, you may be a practice guilty of laying investments at the feet of your employees and simply saying “ok, make this profitable” without proper execution plans.

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Plan Your Annual Planning Meeting

Many of us are guilty of getting caught up in day to day minutiae and losing sight of the “big picture”. Before you find yourself in the dead of summer flipping burgers at the grill wondering where half the year went, take the time to map out the rest of this year and refocus. If you saw the YellowTelecast #19 about Cutting Costs Through Annual Planning, but still need a road map to planning a successful annual planning meeting, read on for some of our tips….

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