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4 Keys to Improving the Doctor Consultation

Sit Down – The first thing every doctor should do after shaking hands and looking a patient in the eye with a warm greeting is to sit down and relax. Do not approach the patient...

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The Web Team Conundrum and a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT

We meet many of our clients at conventions after giving speeches. With regularity we are asked our opinion in hallways about different web teams. “Are they great web developers who build terrific sites?”, “Any thoughts on how to manage my web team or hold any level of accountability?”, “How do I know if they are really SEO or reputation management experts?”.

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How to Perfectly Present Your Fees

It was a pleasure meeting many of our over 2,500 YellowTelescope newsletter subscribers at the Annual Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium this past month. The event was the most successful in YellowTelescope history. For those who weren’t able to attend, Dr. Epstein and the executive team spoke on 6 occasions, covering a variety of topics.

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Leaving All the Chips on the Table

Most doctors we speak with astutely ruminate that if they would only have more leads they could increase sales. No dispute here. In fact, it is not particularly challenging to get more leads – one just needs money. One could purchase more local magazine advertisements, finance tens of thousands in pay-per-click advertising, ramp up organic SEO, or send out a mass mailing. The conundrum is that getting new leads is costly, knowing which investment will provide a healthy return is nebulous, and many doctors simply cannot afford or are too prudent to gamble.

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5 Quick Tips to Increase Patient Show Percentage

One of the principal ways to gain or lose profitability within any medical practice is through patient show percentage. We at YellowTelescope have a saying that sums it up: “Nobody spends less than a no-show.” Take advantage of these simple tips and watch your show percentage rise and your cancelation percentage drop...

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Quick Closing Quips

The YT Team works hard to provide leadership, management, and training to help motivated people and practices reach their capacity. In our last issue, we kicked off the year with a challenge to “find your WHY,” and thought our readership might now enjoy some tangible YellowTelescope Magic Wordtracksto immediately implement in your practice.

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New Year – New Vision – What’s Your “WHY”?

2014 can be an abundant year for you and your practice. A key contributing factor is for the practice leader to define his or her joy – the very root of what makes the leader happy in both personal and professional life – and then to share that joy with the team. That definition then becomes the practice’s “WHY”. It delineates every decision the company makes and becomes the culture of the organization when communicated plainly and relentlessly. At first, the concept seems nebulous, but lucidity comes forth through proven examples, starting with YellowTelescope’s “WHY”, which we are proud to share...

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The Many Misdemeanors of Management – Part 1

Experience is not a bad thing, nor is hiring a person who is presentable or a former patient. Hiring someone who came recommended who is a bit below or above the going rate for the position isn’t, by itself, a mistake. Counter-intuitively, however, none of these are excellent reasons – at least on their own- to hire a new employee. They are common misdemeanors of hiring.

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