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Oct 18th 2021 New

Episode #28: Building Value Through Advanced Accolades

In this episode, ahead of the 11th Annual YellowTelescope Training Seminar, Jon and Ed elaborate on how top practices truly build the value in their brand and confidently educate their patients and prospects....

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Nov 10th 2020

Episode 27: These Are the Good Ol’ Days – How Practices Are Thriving in COVID and Our 6-Month Mantra

For the first podcast back together, live in the same room, since before the shutdown, Jon and Ed reunite as if nothing ever happened (though they wax on about how it did and what’s happened since)...

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May 22nd 2020

Episode 26: Staffing, Managing, and Growing Coming Out of COVID-19

After speaking with dozens of practices a week, and reviewing hundreds of resumes during COVID, Jon and Ed share a unique and informed perspective of what job applicants are thinking and how it relates to managing, and retaining, your top staff while considering who, and how to, replace while the unemployment rate is the highest since the Great Depression...

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Apr 24th 2020

Episode 25: Re-opening After COVID-19 for Success!

In this special episode, in response to the request for practice management content from the producers of The Aesthetic Show, The Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium, and the Global Aesthetics Conference, YellowTelescope’s President and EVP, Jon and Ed, discuss the YellowTelescope processes that are helping their many clients successfully navigate the shutdown and build a big return to treating patients...

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Mar 20th 2020

Episode 24: A Practice’s COVID-19 Survival Guide

As Covid-19 affects how we all work, Jon and Ed take the time to speculate on how their learnings can apply to an unprecedented time...

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Mar 3rd 2020

Episode 23: You know that old expression, but does it ring true?

In this particularly irreverent edition, Jon and Ed take a stab at poking holes in, and poking fun at, some of the most often used clichés in business and in life.

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Mar 2nd 2020

Episode 22: Making the most of social media marketing in 2020

Join Jon and Ed from Ed’s living room as they dissect how medical practices and similar businesses are best utilizing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even TikTok to maximize the return on investment in time and money.

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Oct 1st 2019

Episode 21: Medical Practice Marketing Post-Google Medic Update

In their annual summertime Hamptons episode, Jon and Ed chew over a number of topics.

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