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Feb 12th 2019

Episode 20: Marketing Through Enhanced Planning

Back in action after a robust respite from recording, join Jon and Ed as they celebrate the 20th episode of the YellowTelecast to cap off the best year yet for the company. Most growing practices, doctors, managers, and top sales people don’t always plan their goals very well, let alone how to actually achieve them.

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Nov 24th 2018

Episode 19: Cutting Costs Through Annual Planning

Cutting Costs Through Annual Planning – Though many episodes have been recorded while on the road with clients or at conferences, this first-ever truly mobile “car cast” finds Jon and Ed on their way to the ASPS annual meeting, discussing cost cutting measures for practices heading into 2018 while sipping a first-ever non-whisky libation…

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Aug 14th 2018

Episode 18: Evaluating Core Values

Taking time off from your practice to recharge physically and mentally is invaluable, particularly if you use some of your off time to educate yourself. Enjoy this podcast on evaluating the core values of your practice.

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Dec 17th 2017

Episode 17: The Cost of Conversions

Join Jon and Ed for the 17th installment of the YellowTelecast, as they dissect how to determine the true cost of each converted lead, and when it is the most appropriate time to make an additional investment once you’ve determined your breakeven point and have seen some success.

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Sep 17th 2017

Episode 16: The Summertime Spend-freeze Blues

Every summer, practices all over the country find themselves suddenly re-evaluating, and sometimes reactively cutting, their expenditures due to a seasonal slowdown in revenue, often erroneously eliminating “profit centers” instead of “cost centers”. Join Jon and Ed as they dissect this phenomenon...

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Aug 10th 2017

Episode 15: Managing Employee Resistance to Culture Transition

With an ever evolving landscape in which medical practices operate, it often becomes necessary to shift the culture within the organization through the implementation of new processes and technologies...

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Jul 1st 2017

Episode 14: Social Media Strategy

In this special NYC edition, Jon and Ed broadcast directly from Central Park, celebrating both New York and French culture through whisky and cuisine, while outlining how they’ve recently developed their own social media strategy.

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Jun 11th 2017

Episode 13: Hierarchy of Sales Communication

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