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May 8th 2017

Episode 12: Counterintuitive Commonalities

Across the country we have found many common, though often ambiguous, traits among doctors, patients, and patient care coordinators, despite the obvious differences between region, geography, socioeconomics of patient population, size of practice, specialty, office culture, and more. Join Jon and Ed from Charlotte, North Carolina as they discuss these counterintuitive commonalities while sampling a delicious southern whiskey and waxing comedic on the local culture.

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Apr 6th 2017

Episode 11: Improving Email Response

Recorded high above the Las Vegas Strip from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, join Ed and Jon in the eleventh YellowTelecast installment as they discuss their travels, Scotch Whisky, and how to have a wholesome time in Sin City, while providing tips on how to better elicit responses to emails sent to patients, physicians, colleagues, and prospects.

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Jan 3rd 2017

Episode 10: Entrepreneurial Happiness

New research sheds some light on what really makes entrepreneurs and small business owners truly happy with what they do. Join Jon and Ed as they explore what factors matter most, and how to increase satisfaction beyond a positive balance sheet, while sampling two special whiskeys gifted from YT clients in this fun, one-year anniversary episode.

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Dec 11th 2016

Episode 9: The State of Staffing

Recruiting Talent has become difficult as the economy has improved. Listen to Jon and Ed as they open a homemade whisky cask and review pearls and tips to help you recruit the best and brightest within your budget in this ultra-competitive staffing environment affecting small businesses from doctors to lawyers and beyond nationally.

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Oct 23rd 2016

Episode 8: Social Media Madness

Join Ed and Jon as they entertainingly review key tips for your practice to increase social media leads and web presence on Facebook, Google+, and much more, while learning about interesting medical news, and a special inaugural YellowTelescope Yellow TeleCask Whisky Barreling.

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Sep 26th 2016

Episode 7: The 7 Steps to Making the Sale

Join Jon and Ed as they review broadly 7 key steps to making a sale, and how it works in all arenas and business sectors – from retail sales, cosmetic surgery sales, and even for patients selecting insurance-based procedures, the 7 steps will help you grow your business. Broadcast from the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Orange County, California.

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Apr 5th 2016

Episode 6: Change Business Momentum and Trajectory

Join Ed and Jon as they help you grow your business even after having monthly sales slides. Get your slipping medical practice or business on track – learn how to get your business on the path to “green and growing” instead of “brown on dying” by embracing these tips to creating positive trajectory and building momentum. Broadcast from the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida.

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Mar 21st 2016

Episode 5: Authentic Leadership

Recorded on Allison Island in Miami Beach, the 5th installment of the popular YellowTelescope podcast features tips for all business managers and owners in and out of the medical industry to ensure they lead teams authentically. Join Jon and Ed, the nation’s top medical practice consultants as they discuss fine scotch, business management, current events and more.

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