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YellowTelescope already runs some of the busiest practices in the world, and has clients throughout the nation achieving sales from $750k to over $8 million per year. These practices, from Miami to New York City, Los Angeles to Baltimore, or Scottsdale to New Jersey have one thing in common – once they hire us their offices grow, in most cases by 60% or more in a single year. We are not consultants who have strong opinions and went to great schools. Rather, in addition to great educational backgrounds, we actually do what you do every day so we know exactly what you need – indeed, we are uniquely qualified to fill your open positions.

We take over $100 million dollars worth of results, over 60 years of combined experience, an executive team who has collectively performed over 15,000 interviews, hired, trained, and managed over 2000 people, and use that knowledge to help you find the best person for your team, then train them for excellence. We fill exclusively non-medical executive office personnel (typically Office Manager, Sales Advisor, Patient Coordinator, new doctor associate, and similar roles with a focus on sales, patient service, and management with typical annual income of $50,000 to over $300,000), something in which perhaps no other firm in the country specializes. We will help you find and train the finest executive team member for your busy Plastic, Facial Plastic, Cosmetic Dermatology, Oculoplastic, Cosmetic Dental, Fertility Management, or Hair Restoration practice:

The YellowTelescope Hiring Process:

Founded and managed by Jon Hoffenberg, an executive with over 15 years of consultative sales management experience since graduating from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, YellowTelescope utilizes a specialized system to identify, recruit, and train the most impressive candidates for your practice. This includes:

  1. Use of our existing database and myriad personal relationships established through over 60 years of combined industry experience, often filling positions with “friends of YellowTelescope,” pre-qualified candidates typically with degrees from top tier universities, industry experience, and impressive business and managerial skills.
  2. Placement of appropriate job ads throughout the internet and other sources using proven proprietary marketing methods that attract serious and impressive candidates – typically 75-125 resumes are sourced per position.
  3. Pre-screening of every resume personally by a high level team member within our organization to save you time
  4. Conducting initial rounds of phone interviews for top candidates
  5. Presenting offers and bringing staff aboard after performing reference checks, crafting appropriate incentive based pay and gaining approval from the practice which will employ the winning candidate
  6. Guaranteeing every candidate selected succeeds for the life of your agreement with YellowTelescope. If not, a replacement is provided using the same system listed above at no cost.

YellowTelescope does not stop there – Click Here To learn about YellowTelescope Long-Term Training and Oversight   – once you have great people, you must train and retain them. 

For more information Click Here to to contact us, or call us at (305) 455-0720 or email learn more about how we can help you properly staff your practice.

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