YellowTelecast Episode #26: Staffing, Managing, and Growing Coming Out of COVID-19

Join Jon and Ed on a peat smoked rainy Florida day for a spirited discussion of the current state of staffing, and staff management, in this unusual job market. After speaking with dozens of practices a week, and reviewing hundreds of resumes during COVID, they share a unique and informed perspective of what job applicants are thinking and how it relates to managing, and retaining, your top staff while considering who, and how to, replace while the unemployment rate is the highest since the Great Depression.

Of course, they top it off with broad thoughts on the future, both immediate and long-term, and how to prepare for success with smart saving and investing in your practice, your team, and yourself.  Take the first few minutes to learn about the smoky nectar of Islay, take some notes on management word tracks and indulge in the standard weather-related humor!