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May 10th 2022 Current Webinar

ReceptionScope 34: 8 Essentials for a Smooth Call Transfer

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Receptionscope 33
Apr 14th 2022

ReceptionScope 33: How to Go from Reactive to Responsive at the Front Desk

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Receptionscope 32
Mar 17th 2022 Current Webinar

ReceptionScope 32: The Recipe to Being Prepared Every Day

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Receptionscope 31
Feb 16th 2022

ReceptionScope 31: Listening to Our Patients – Hearing the Unsaid

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Jan 19th 2022

ReceptionScope 30: How to Maximize Your 2022 Schedule for Growth

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Nov 11th 2021

ReceptionScope 28: Making the Most of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Oct 13th 2021

ReceptionScope 27: Bringing the Ritz Carlton Experience to Your Practice

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