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Is the lens on your practice or medspa a bit dusty? Clear your vision at our 2-day flagship event. Decades of success. Over 500 video and written testimonials on our site. Rated nearly perfectly every year based on anonymous reviews. If you’ve missed the last decade or more of Annual YellowTelescope Training Seminars: This. Is. Your. Year.


Don’t leave tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table this year alone. Register for the 12th Annual Training Seminar.


Find out why top aesthetic practices travel across the globe (from the USA to Canada, the UK to South Africa, the Dominican Republic to Portugal, and beyond) to attend this high-level sales training and management conference every year. Make the choice to invest in yourself, your top people, and the growth of your practice.


Fantastic — A dramatic presentation of a new paradigm in scheduling surgery patients, presented with humor and organization. You will miss more than you imagine if you don’t attend.

- George Sanders, MD

Why Attend?

Every existing long-term YellowTelescope Patient Advisor averages about 60-95% patient booking ratios before a patient leaves the office. Many average over $3,000,000 in annual sales in just their second year on the job, while nearly every practice grows between 6 figures and over $10,000,000 in the first year after hiring us.

How are these results achieved? Once a year, we share our proprietary methodology - the building blocks - at the Annual Training Seminar. Learn how we do it, so your practice can be well on the way to achieving similar results.

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Returning Attendee?
Participate in the Advanced Course!
New breakout sessions are added each year. Get to year 3 and beyond to join our super-VIP breakout!


Every topic at the YellowTelescope Annual Training Seminar is based on proven methods from aesthetic sales, management, and leadership textbooks or have been tested by our existing client offices which are responsible for over a half billion dollars in total sales.

What’s included?

YellowTelescope Training Seminars are a worthwhile, albeit not inexpensive, investment. Our motto is to explain our pricing once rather than apologizing for poor results forever. In other words, your upfront investment creates tangible results and is 100% guaranteed. If your practice sells one or two additional surgeries in a lifetime after leaving our seminar, or a handful of non-surgical services, your investment was worthwhile, though our expectations are much higher. If you do not go back to your practice excited about what you learned, plus sell more, we will refund your attendance fee in full.

  • Our prices are 100% all-inclusive. You take care of getting your people to the event, and we take care
    of the rest at no additional charge.
  • Your attendee’s hotel is 100% included.
    Each attendee will receive 3 nights
  • (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) in a 5 Star resort, often the Mandarin Oriental Miami, St. Regis Bal Harbour, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, or Ritz-Carlton.
  • YellowTelescope believes in creating a positive, inviting environment that is conducive to learning.
  • We want your staff members to know and feel that you value them, and we want our doctor attendees (the most important folks who should do their very best to attend annually) to be able to focus and be surrounded by calm and excellence.
    All food—gourmet breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner on Friday, as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday, plus snacks—is included.
  • Welcome and parting gifts, all materials, notes, and branded products are included.
  • We offer the option to pay in monthly installments without interest, leading up to the event.
  • Cancel without penalty until 45 days prior to
    the event.

Meet the speakers


Jon Hoffenberg

After opening his own company at 19, which grew to over $9 million in annual revenues with a work force of over 1,000, Jon graduated from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, founded YellowTelescope, and has worked with over 10,000 patients and hundreds of physicians worldwide.


Ed Syring III
Executive Vice President and Partner

A graduate of Wake Forest University, Ed is currently a partner and Executive Vice President at YellowTelescope Ed has worked with over 10,000 patients worldwide and personally generated over $12 million in practice revenue for a single practice.


Jill Peeling
Vice President of Operations

A graduate of Tulane University with a Bachelor of Arts, Jill brings over 16 years of sales experience including a decade of medical sales with companies such as Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Cytyc. She has worked with hundreds of physicians and their staff in specialties ranging from Dermatology to Gynecology.


John Berry
Vice President of SEOversite

John brings over 15 years of high-level sales experience and previously owned his own recruiting business with a staff of over 75 salespeople and managers. He is experienced working with thousands of patients and doctors worldwide, John has given speeches in front of groups of a few to a few thousand, including the annual YellowTelescope Training Seminar. He currently oversees the YellowTelescope sister company, SEOversite.


Abby Karcz
Director of Training & Marketing

Abby brings 8 years of experience as a Marketing Director and Patient Coordinator for two renowned Bay Area plastic surgeons. In that time, Abby trained with YellowTelescope and averaged a 75% in-office booking ratio. She also formerly held the position as a Digital Marketing & Brand Strategist for the only marketing agency endorsed by ADA Member Advantage.


Dan Grantham
Senior Director

After graduating from Florida State University College of Business, Dan started his own business at the age of 21, which ultimately grew to over 200 sales reps. In his previous role as a Patient Care Coordinator, Dan worked with over 15,000 patients and personally sold over $25M in surgery with an 85% in-office booking ratio.


Mae Pontbriand
Director of iScreamSocialMedia

Mae is the Director of iScreamSocialMedia, a YellowTelescope sister company, driving the strategy for our clients and overseeing the team. She is a double major graduate of the University of Maine and has 8 years of operations experience focused on business growth and development.


Sean Kifer
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Sean has overseen millions in Facebook & Advertising ad spend and has nearly 8 years of experience in digital marketing. Sean established and managed a social media audience of over 270k for a major Latin apparel company based in Miami, generating the highest and most consistent ROI on social media compared to all other retail brands in the company’s portfolio. Sean currently serves as a digital marketing instructor at the University of Miami.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who should I send to the Seminar?ExpandClose
    The Seminar is not for lower-level employees but rather for the key people who impact your practice. In addition to the doctor attending (yes, you!), we advise sending your office manager, patient coordinator, business manager, and any other senior-most team members.
  • What types of practices attend the Seminar?ExpandClose
    Over the years, we have attracted many of the top practices in the world. Doctors and teams have flown from as far as Australia, Portugal, Canada, Hawaii, California, New York and dozens of other states to attend this event. While we are elective-medicine focused with a majority of attendees hailing from plastics, facial plastics, oculoplastic, and dermatology practices, we do have many ophthalmology, ENT, med spa, and other specialty practice owners and leaders attend.
  • Tell me more about the 100% guarantee policyExpandClose
    This event is guaranteed to create results. If your attendee does not feel this was the most productive business conference they have ever attended outside of other YellowTelescope events, we will refund 100% of your investment - just let us know within 30 days if you didn’t see an impact. So, you’ve got nothing to lose, wouldn’t you agree?
  • I’ve already been to the Seminar once. Should I come again?ExpandClose
    Our most successful practices attend the Seminar every year, and many have attended over six times. As a returning attendee, you have the opportunity to attend our Advanced Course break-out sessions in addition to getting a refresh on the fundamentals. This is your chance every year to step outside the office for a weekend of professional development at a conference unlike any other in the medical industry.
  • I think my team is pretty good, and I’m not sure we need to attend the seminar.ExpandClose
    The fact is most doctors, medical office managers, and patient coordinators simply do not have formal business training. And yet most doctors entrust their practice 100% to that person anyway, partially because they lack formal business training themselves. (“I went to medical school, not business school” is a common comment heard throughout the industry). The doctor and his/her key people have never learned from true industry experts how to properly sell, close, manage, lead, and grow their practice. They have never been tested to ensure concepts have been learned and are replicable in their home offices. In the end, most have learned to be reasonably effective based on common sense, practice, and work ethic but have hit “the wall” and are held back from greatness and moving to the next level. This is not because of a lack of talent, but rather a lack of training to create the skills that cultivate that talent. This is why the YellowTelescope Training Seminar exists. Your people crave knowledge, training, motivation, and the belief that you have invested in them and their future. Despite this, most doctors choose to invest in new advertisements that do not generate leads, new lasers and equipment that are a burden on the budget and become obsolete, new PR firms that fail to get results, and new floors or flowers to improve the aesthetics of the office which do not lead to greater business.

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