YT Mystery Caller

Advanced Training for Your Front Desk Team.

Ever wonder what your team is up to while you are in the operating room? Or, are you a busy manager with limited time - and even less desire - to micromanage your front desk? YellowTelescope Mystery Caller (YTMC) is perfect for your practice.


How does it work?

Option A: Direct Dialing

For practices that do not have call recording in place, such as CallRail, or a proprietary dashboard, our team will contact your practice anonymously each month with a pre-planned request, inquiry, or set of questions. We will record our interaction with your staff member, provide a bullet-point summary of our constructive feedback for your team member including key areas of success, as well as development opportunities, all in a snackable format that will save you time.

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Option B: Recorded Call Review

For practices that already have a call recording structure, our talented team of service and sales gurus will select a number of calls randomly each month, review them for quality, and provide a detailed summary. Whether your staff members do a great job or have significant upside, you’ll be in the know without investing precious and valuable time so you can focus on what you do best.


While constructive feedback, educational pearls, and detailed pointers easily justify the relatively low investment in YTMC services, the less obvious, but perhaps more valuable, benefit is the reality that your team is aware that any given call may be up for review, which ensures the team is constantly focused on 5-star service and the best practices for your practice.

Select our ReceptionScope monthly webinar program and receive a reduced bundled rate to “bolt on” YT Mystery Caller today.

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